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Have you ever wondered how you would fare against a Cyber Attack?  Email and Web are still providing the most prevalent method of attack and the techniques that are being employed have become far more sophisticated.   The world wide web can be scanned to gain information which can be used to exploit individuals and fashion focussed attacks on them and their Organisations, everybody is a target including an organisations officers.

Whilst Cyber Security is still very much reactive there will always be a number organisations which will suffer, a proactive approach needs to be adopted starting with your own workforce and raising their awareness then building a strategy that incorporates predictive technologies.  The ability to predict an attack accurately and remediate this immediately is the direction Cyber Security is taking, whilst the workplace changes so to must the way Cyber Attacks are being dealt with.

Millions of alerts can be generated daily and the challenge is identifying the real threats.  Although Traditional Cyber Security methods can capture these events the difficulty lies in the ability to recognize and the time required to monitor and analyse them, is it any surprise that typically Cyber Attacks go undetected for 8 months!    This data must be analysed and without large IT teams with specialized Cyber Security staff and large budgets the challenges are insurmountable.  It comes as no surprise that 20% of businesses in the United Kingdom suffered a Cyber Security attack in the last 12 months and that the National Cyber Security Centre was set up in the UK

Figures last year for extortive attacks ran upwards of US$75 billion, hackers still sit in their parent’s bedrooms but due to the enormous amounts of money which can be generated these have developed into enterprises which exist purely to extort money.  Cyber Incident Plans are a must; you don’t have to be another statistic.

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Alerts – What triggered this and what is your immediate response, who is involved dependant on the severity of the attack these can but are not limited to Technical, HR, Legal and Directors.

Action – How and can the threat be safely removed and how should the attack be contained?  What needs to be done immediately to stop any further damage, secure systems and ensure business continuity.  Are there a set of robust procedures in the event of a Cyber Attack?

Analysis – what was the cause how did this happen and have all malicious activities stopped.

Remediation – How do we stop this occurring again and how do we identify weaknesses in staff, systems and procedures.  Organisations should include Training, AI technologies and improving procedures as ways to improve existing systems. These improvements must address legal and regulatory requirements including liability management.

Threat Prevention – are the technologies correct which will allow you to monitor and analyse effectively in the future will the introduction of new technology prevent attacks.  Are the counter measures giving the ability to be proactive and predict fresh attacks?

Success – All these metrics must be measured for effectiveness and the results used to improve.  Considerations must be given to the effects these changes will have on the on the overall Cyber Security Strategy and how can these be application of these to new initiatives.

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