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What Is Storage?

Computer Storage is a General term for all types of media used to store data whether temporarily or long term.  The only real difference is how and what accesses this data.  Today’s businesses generate vast amounts of data so in this context we shall view Storage as a repository which can be used to store data and virtual machine files which makes access, sharing and management easier and more secure.

In the ideal world Storage, should be simple giving IT generalists the ability to maximize the investment without expensive training or todays investment ageing prematurely.  With the General Data Protection Regulations being brought into force within the next 12 months several considerations must be observed and in turn reflected in any choice of Storage Solution.  In addition, Flash Storage is becoming more affordable and Hyperconverged technologies are making the selection process more complicated.

Storage is still a significant investment and making sure you know all the facts will ultimately aid in selecting the correct solution. An Organization’s ability to adapt and take products and services to market should not be hampered by the incorrect Storage, making right choice will provide resilience to your business whilst securing all your data and offering improved business efficiencies.

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