BC/DR | Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A successful business seldom appears overnight as well as the financial investment thousands if not tens of thousands of man hours have gone into documenting research, development and business processes.  There is a very fine line that differentiates Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) which is determined by the impact of an event and the responses which should be fitting and carried out in accordance with any Recovery Time (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).  These markers will determine your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans and the response that different events will warrant.

Although Neoteric Networks look at Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery from the perspective of IT, the involvement of business and technology executives will guarantee its success.  These plans are then the blueprint for these events. Generally speaking Disaster Recovery will refer to the specific steps taken to recover from a catastrophe such as natural or national disasters.  Within IT these could be restoring IT services such as Wide Area Networks and Telecoms and IT Infrastructure the process or recovering Servers from backups or even into the Cloud.  Business Continuity on the other hand also addresses wider business issues such as ascension planning, supply chain breakdown and catastrophic failures due to ransomware for example.

Neoteric Networks have worked with customers to deliver elements of their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans allowing them to have the business up and running and making the best use of the technologies surrounding us to provide resilient platforms that permit the continuance of your business.  If you are due a review of your BCDR Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans and would like to see how Neoteric Networks can help you achieve your goals call one of our experts today.

What Is BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)?

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) refers to an organization’s ability to recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume operations. Organizations often have a plan in place (usually referred to as a “Disaster Recovery Plan” or “Business Continuity Plan”) that outlines how a recovery will be accomplished. The key to successful disaster recovery is to have a plan (emergency plan, disaster recovery plan, continuity plan) well before disaster ever strikes.

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