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Data Archiving

Businesses collect vast quantities of information and with the era of the digital business these are set to rise dramatically.  With business demands and regulatory compliance information has to be readily accessible and fluid.  Due to the demands of today’s businesses Virtual Desktops, Data Bases, Web Applications, Computer Aided Design and Video Streaming must sit on performance oriented storage.  This however is efficiency poor for data which is tagged as Archive Data, the ability to automate a process to move this information to dedicated Data Archiving not only improves the efficiencies of your production storage but also allows longer retention and faster retrieval and in many cases returns a far more favourable True Cost of Investment.

Having the correct Data Archives in place whether Physical, Virtual or Hosted and combining this with the correct Data Lifecycle Management processes and solutions will answer any of your compliance and regulatory demands.  This also adds the ability to hold large quantities of information that your business does not readily require off production Storage in dedicated systems potentially reducing restore times in the event of a minor disruption such as server failure.

Neoteric Networks are experienced and deliver expert implementation, get in touch to find out how data archiving can improve your systems efficiency and reduce your costs.

What is Data Archiving?

Data Archiving is the ability to separate aging data from production data using policies which are normally based on age and use.  The process is normally automated and migrates this from production Storage to dedicated Archive Data platforms.

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