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Whilst computing power has increased so have the requirements of organisations.  It is common to find organisations working with large Databases, Virtual Desktops, Video and CAD all requiring low latency and high throughput.  Although All Flash Storage has been with us for some years now it is only recently that it has become affordable allowing organisations outside of the FTSE 100 to enjoy the benefits.  The demands of new working methods and increasing productivity have outstripped the capabilities of traditional Storage.

All Flash Storage providers have not only rewritten the ease and simplicity with which Storage platforms are administered and managed but also how these are built in order to negate downtime due to vendor specific refresh programmes.

Simplify your infrastructure and accelerate your applications whilst reducing your energy consumption with Flash Storage. All-flash storage arrays offer different space, drive type, networking options and storage-savings features, however they all improve performance.

For a risk free assessment of what All Flash Storage can do for your business contact Neoteric Networks Storage Professionals and see how you can take advantage of their Proof of Concept programme.

What Is Flash Storage?

Flash storage is any storage method that uses flash memory, we all use flash storage every day, whether it is a circuit board in your mobile or a fully integrated enterprise all flash storage array. Flash storage reduces physical space whilst delivering an improved data performance.

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