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Server Virtualisation

It seems that everything is about efficiency these days, when we become more efficient we can get more done with less.  This is exactly what Server Virtualisation did for businesses that were IT Infrastructure heavy, instead of having 15 Servers plus Disaster Recovery taking up a large room which in turn required power and cooling the same Virtual Infrastructure would perhaps require three servers managing exactly the same workloads and some Storage.  The financial benefits were easy to quantify especially when you factored in other benefits such as resilience and on the fly test and development environments.

Server Virtualisation has proved its worth in the Enterprise business and features have also increased bringing with it a vending machine style of IT operations.  This flexible method of delivery gives departments what they want, when they want it and makes sure applications are being used.  This operation model when automated has become what is commonly accepted as the Private Cloud.

Server Virtualisation has helped traditional rigid IT Infrastructure evolve into a modern fluid service.  Server Virtualisation is better able to support your teams, allowing them to be productive and push your business into a better more competitive position.   To discover the benefits of Server Virtualisation, speak to us today and Neoteric Networks will help you find the right solution.

What Is Server Virtualisation?

Server Virtualisation was a real game changer in the IT world giving IT teams the ability to run several applications (Virtual Machines) from one Server (Physical Host).  The savings were self-evident as businesses all of a sudden did not have to purchase a new server each time they needed to introduce a new application, as the technology matured and features increased hardware also became more powerful and the number of applications you could run from one Server also increased.  This in turn drastically reduced power consumption, cooling and space requirements.

Feature sets soon evolved and the ability to provision Servers on demand along with the appropriate applications led to a vending model where you could get what you wanted, when you wanted for the time you wanted it (Private Cloud).

As well as Server Virtualisation is also available for Desktops, Networks and Storage bringing with it the same savings and efficiencies.

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