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What Are Virtual Desktops?

Hosted or Virtual Desktops?

Hosted or Virtual Desktops takes the theory of virtualisation and applies it to the end users’ desktops, running several desktops from one Host by separating the hardware and application layers.  Rightly or wrongly desktops are used as a gauge of the IT teams’ effectiveness, due to it being the most common point of access and an integral part of delivering IT services.  Different organisations place their own demands on the desktop estate but letting them drift often means poor performance and a disgruntled staff.

Hosted or Virtual Desktops attempt to answer these challenges in their own way by reducing management and administration demands whilst providing users access to the latest productivity tools whenever they need them.  As the desktops are running in a datacentre/cloud all the company data stays in the corporate network albeit that this can now extend to the cloud.  In a nutshell and this is a very shallow dive into hosted/virtual desktops the benefits which can be gained:

  • Centralised Management
  • Simplified Patch and Asset Management
  • Policies that can be easily defined and implemented
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Data and Backups

This is a very basic list, however to examine the benefits of Hosted and virtual desktops please feel free to contact us for a more in depth discussion.

What are Hosted or Virtual Desktops?

Hosted Desktops and Virtual Desktops are exactly the same insomuch as the infrastructure required to deliver these consists of Hardware and Software.  Even the extent to which these are automated does not affect what they are.  Hosted and Virtual desktops essentially are desktops which are delivered over the internet or local area network to end users, on top of this self-service features can be added to maximise the use of applications but what turns a Virtual Desktop into a Hosted Desktop is where the infrastructure exists and who looks after it.  Virtual Desktops are widely accepted as an on premise solution which is Capital Expenditure and managed internally whilst Hosted Desktops are Operational Expenditure and manged by the hosting provider.  To find out which is best suited to your organisation call our team.

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