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Neoteric Networks IT Services ensures implementing a strategy that meets your business objectives.

IT Services

Neoteric Networks IT services have evolved from traditional break fix and IT Support into a dynamic customer led standard.  Neoteric Networks restructured their IT Services and employed new resource to keep their customers firmly at the head of the pack through Consultancy, Digital Services, Mobility, Analytics, Data Services and Business Process. All of these IT Services complement one another and are a perfect wrap for your business.  With Neoteric Networks it’s all about choice – giving you the ability to wrap the services you are looking for around your business to guarantee your business outcomes.

Of course, Neoteric Networks fully managed service is still available as well as their traditional IT Support model offering, but these can now be augmented by all or part of their service offering.  First and foremost, the reliability and experience in this area delivered by Neoteric Networks promises speedier responses and rapid solution deployment giving their customers a consistently reliable work space.  Neoteric Networks can deliver the applications they need to do their work locally and through the Cloud.  For those customers who have already embarked on turning their businesses digital, the services Neoteric Networks provide are offering choice so you can select what will get you ready faster.

What Are IT Services?

IT services are evolving, in a nutshell these are the services which smooth out the use of technology making sure that Devices, Data, Applications and networks are available when required.  These it services also extend to our Digital Services helping customers collaborate, engage and promote their service both internally and externally.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Software Licensing


Digital Services

Mobility (Applications)


Data Services

Business Process


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