Microsoft Planner | Work Collaboratively With No Effort

By November 16, 2016Microsoft

Microsoft Planner, part of your Office 365 package allows you and your team to work collaboratively with no effort and no hassle. Creating a visual and easy to use structured process, Microsoft Planner allows you to understand what each team member is working on, how long it is going to take and what their next task is. As a relatively new addition to Microsoft Office 365, Planner is a growing platform that enables an effective collaborating working style.

With Planner, teams can create new plans:

  • Organize, Assign And Collaborate On Tasks
  • Set Due Dates
  • Update Statuses
  • Share Files

All this with visual dashboards and email notifications keep everyone informed on progress.  Planner can be used across all of your devices so you can always be kept up to date.

It allows you easily create a plan for your team to show what you are all working on. You can easily assign tasks to different people. As everybody is aware of what each other are working on it creates effective project management. Each plan created has its own board within Microsoft Planner. So you can simply organise all tasks into different buckets, moving them one from bucket to another if required.

Tasks are assigned to individuals and can include a start or due date, attachments and individual statuses. So you can track a task even if it is yet to be started, in progress, completed or late. Each task is also colour coded dependant on its status, so you can imminently view the progress of each task.

Easy viewing of tasks and those that your team are working show the timescales set so you can see what tasks are upcoming, how many tasks you have to complete compared to your team and you can ensure you are all achieving deadlines and the end goal.

Notes and files can be added not only to your own tasks but other colleagues. Conversations can be created with your team about what you are working on and gather their thoughts on how you can expand and improve your work.

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