The Cybersecurity Crash Test Dummy

Phishing and Malware Solution

Report Phishing Mails with a Simple Click

Data Entry Simulations

Send emails or SMS with a link to a customized landing page that encourages users to enter sensitive information. LUCY is harmless Phishing Software.

Attachment -Based Simulations

Train users to recognize malicious attachments by sending emails and SMS with seemingly legitimate attachments.

Mobile Storage Device Simulations

Test if users will execute a file on a USB stick, CD, DVD, SD-Card or other storage devices.

Smishing Simulations

Send spoofed SMS with free selectable source numbers to train and test mobile device awareness.

SIEM Stress Test

Test your infrastructure with the malware testing toolkit. Simulate malware activities like Spyware, Worms, Scanners, Backdoors, Keyloggers, Viruses, Ransomware, Bots, Dropper, etc.

Rich Media Training

Integrate all kinds of e-learning content into a predefined awareness training suite.

Interactive Quiz

Educate and train your staff using interactive quizzes. Choose from predefined content or add learning material by yourself.

Outlook Plugin Reports Phishing

Empower your users with the Phishing Incident Plugin for Microsoft Outlook©. When the user receives a suspicious message, he can submit it savely for further inspection.